After your tour guide has given you plenty of  weather warnings within this journey, unexpected ‘weather’ takes a turn for the worse and you will then be encouraged to flee this terrifying ‘avalanche hit’ by making a swift exit into the stunning Ice Bar!

This bar is the frozen jewel of the whole attraction, where the ice is real and each piece has taken hours of hand crafting by the industry’s top ice sculptors. Get ready for the temperatures to drop dramatically as the ‘wow factor’ hits a clear peak.  

You will be able to thoroughly chill out in this cool zone with drinks made from glasses freshly curated out of ice. This 20-minute section of the hour-long journey will be enjoyed at a temperature of -10 degrees, long enough to explore the Ice Bar and the secret ‘passageway’ into The Skegness Ice Caves!

Take note these caves are no normal caves, you will see giant frozen ice sculptures, a frozen throne and many more surprises that are awaiting you. Keep a lookout…

General Info

The Ice Experience is a unique one of a kind experience which comprises two parts. The first in the Avalanche Bar (alpine themed bar) moving into the Ice Bar.

Yes, if you choose to purchase an entry into Ice Experience Skegness, our branded ponchos and gloves are included in the standard package or why not treat yourself to fur (faux of course) in our upgraded package.

YES! Your experience is split into two parts – the first in our Avalanche bar which is warm and toasty and the second in the Ice Bar which is kept at a chilly -10 (where the ice is real.)

At present we are making sure we have everything in place to be able to safely welcome kids and until that time it will be 16+ only.

We do not enforce a dress code however we do remind you will be taking a journey into an environment that is kept at -10 so close toed shoes (that have a grip) are suggested but not required. We want you to be able to stay and enjoy the Ice Experience for the whole booking.

Yes you can, however we strongly suggest you book in advance on our website to avoid any disappointment as we may not have slots available.

Further Information

If you have not yet found the information you are looking for please contact us